About Us

We gladly inform you in detail about the use of our products and / or services.

On 1st of March 2015, in Holland a legislative amendment came into force under which it became an offense to offer for sale among other objects, selling or possession of which one has the knowledge  or seriously suspects that they are intended for illicit crops. As a wholesaler it is our point of interest , to tell you that our (lighting) products are not intended for illicit purposes.

Use for illegal purposes, can affect your and our business interests in a bad way. In that context, we request you (without prejudice) to make clear to your customers that our products may be used only for lawful purposes.

We thank you in advance for your efforts and the efforts that go with them. We still wish to emphasize that it certainly is not our intention to imply with this letter that our customers (will) make themselves guilty  (or did so in the past)  of facilitating the use of our products for illegal purposes.

Off course we will continue to inform our buying customers from time to time.

Nevertheless we recommend to keep our customers well informed on this subject.

with kind regards,

Ras Trade